Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Guided by its corporate motto of “Herbals that work from People who care”,
Herbcare produces only natural products that address the real health needs
of the people and which have sufficient scientific basis to ensure that
the products really “work”.

And in making its products available at affordable prices to its intended users, Herbcare also strictly follows truthful and responsible promotions that go
beyond just selling its products. Herbcare conducts educational programs
like its “Operation: Diabetes” and “Charantia 30-Day Challenge” which help
consumers understand and better cope with the health condition they
are suffering from.

Strictly following our corporate mission as briefly expressed by our Motto
of ‘Herbals that work from people who care’ in doing all facets of our
business is our Corporate Social Responsibility, nothing less.


For the Diet
of Diabetics


Live a Better & Longer Life Despite Cancer


For Overall
Good Health


For Healthy Cartilage
and Pain-Free Joints


For Liver-Friendly
Cholesterol Buster

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